Here at  Renaissance Bus company, we are hosting our 1st annual Spring Break College Tour. We believe that education is fundamental to progress. The purpose of hosting the college tour is to allow students and parents to travel to school they might not have been to. We also want students to travel outside of their area and see how other parts of the region is as will.

     The tour is over a span of 4 days. Each day we will travel to 2 schools. EACH DAY IS A DIFFERENT TRIP. You do not have to go each day. You can choose which days you would like to go. It can be 1 day up to all 4. It is designed so that you get to travel all over the region and visit schools you have interest in.

     A SCHOOL BUS will be leaving from the PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY/ WASHINGTON DC AREA and a bus will be leaving from the BALTIMORE area.

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